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Giant Hogweed

Giant Hogweed

Giant Hogweed is a federal noxious weed, a non-native invasive plant and public health hazard which can cause severe burns, permanent scarring and even blindness. Report all sightings to 845-256-3111 …….. Read More  –Learn how to identify invasive species with our “Invasive Plant Species ID” guidebook. Stop by our office and get yours today!

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AEM is a voluntary, incentive-based program to help farmers make common-sense, cost-effective and science-based decisions to help meet business objectives while protecting and conserving natural resources. 

AEM Case Studies
–  Hidden Canyon Farm
Mouton Farms
How-Bar Farms

Summer Education Series
Education Series

Thursday, August 21, “Get Down Low and Dirty with Well & Septic 6:00 P.M. -8:00 P.M. Location: TBA “Waste want, want not” is something we have to think of hard every time we go to the faucet. During this workshop we will have presentations from a code enforcement officer talking about municipal regulations.

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Critical area seeding grants available

Attention all landowners - if you are doing construction or have heavy erosion issues on your property, today is your day! The District currently has a grant to be able to provide critical area seeding utilizing Hydro-mulching technology at a 50/50 cost share rate. This comes out to be about $100.00/load for the landowner! We are taking projects for this today! If you have a project, please call our office at 315.946.4136 … [Read More...]

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