Welcome to the Soil and Water Conservation District. We serve as a local agency prepared to manage and conserve the soil, water and natural resources of Wayne County.

Multiflora rose

Multiflora rose grows as a thorny perennial shrub with arched canes but can also sprawl or climb in trees 10 feet or more & produces dense, impenetrable  monocultures that exclude indigenous plants. Learn how to identify invasive species with our “Invasive Plant Species ID” guidebook. Stop by our office and get yours today!



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AEM is a voluntary, incentive-based program to help farmers make common-sense, cost-effective and science-based decisions to help meet business objectives while protecting and conserving natural resources. 

AEM Case Studies
–  Hidden Canyon Farm
Mouton Farms
How-Bar Farms


wc3You can help! Each year the District organizes water chestnut hand pulling events with community partners so we all can do our part as a water quality steward by getting involved to help this local cause. Your participation in the hand pulling events help the environment and expand your education. Call 315-946-4136

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Farmers and Landowners Grant Funds Available for Erosion Control

What does this mean for you? If you have farm erosion issues, new construction or recently cleaned out water drainage basins the District can offer you a 50/50 cost share to come and hydro mulch the area for you if you sign up to participate in the Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) program. It works out to be about $100.00/load cost to the farmer. In addition, we will provide you with technical conservation assistance to stop the erosion problem from reoccurring and offer a variety of other best management practice (BMP) services! This grant opportunity is only available through … [Read More...]

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